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Kilian Huber

After graduating from high school in Belgium, Kilian Huber studied law at the University of Trier and at the University of Reading (Great Britain). He specialised on labour and social law. He also completed the specialist foreign language training in French and Anglo-American law. During his studies he worked as an employee at the legal student advisory service at the University of Trier. In spring 2020 he passed the First State Exam for Lawyers .


Kilian Huber was then accepted into the preparatory service of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. He completed stations in Koblenz, Trier and Berlin. He again focused on the elective subject of employment law.


After completing the written exams of the Second State Exam for Lawyers , Kilian Huber started working as a research assistant at König Rechtsanwälte and, after successfully passing the oral exam, joined the office as a lawyer in December 2022.


In spring 2023 he will attend the specialist lawyer course in construction and architecture law.

Secretary's office
Jasmin Theis
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